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love is not canceled

COVID-19 has affected everything that we know of; Schools, graduation, stores, in-person church services, camps, sporting events, etc. have all been either canceled or postponed. Life seems to have been put on hold for now. There is one thing that has not been canceled or put on hold, LOVE.

The love of Christ cannot be canceled. It still goes forth! In fact, Paul comes to the conclusion in Romans that there is nothing that can stop the love of Christ, not even COVID-19 (Rom. 8:35-39). God's love is so great for you that while you were still in your brokenness, God sent His only begotten son for you (Rom. 5:8). God's love knows no boundaries!

While we are unable to physically meet together during this season, we can still be committed to sharing the love of Jesus Christ and connecting to each other through the many online ministries offered by Pleasantview Baptist Church. If you would like to hear more about God's love for you, please contact us. Our pastors would love to explain how you can know God's love.

The Gospel...

Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus Christ demonstrated God's love for each and every person by dying for us. His death was necessary because of our sin which separates us from God (Romans 3:23). Although we all deserve the death sentence for our sin, God chose to offer us forgiveness, freedom, and life instead (Romans 6:23)! All that is required to accept that free gift is to repent and admit your sin, confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, and believe that God raised Him from the dead (Romans 10:9). Everyone that accepts Christ is forgiven and made new through faith in Him. God considers Christians to be righteous and at peace with Him through his grace (Romans 5:1, Ephesians 2:8).

Have you accepted Him as your Savior? Have you settled the issue of eternal salvation by believing that Jesus Christ is Lord and that God raised Him from the dead?

If your answer is "no", then you can receive Jesus Christ as your Savior today! Now is the time to come to Him. Do not put it off another day.

Receiving Jesus Christ

  1. Repent. Admit your sin to God and agree with Him that you need His forgiveness (Acts 3:19).
  2. Place your faith in Jesus to forgive your sins and give you new life. Faith is believing that only Jesus' death on the cross is sufficient to save us from God's judgment (Ephesians 2:8).
  3. Don't wait to begin a relationship with Jesus. Pray and ask Jesus Christ to be your Savior (Romans 10:9)

Pray something like this:

Dear God,

Thank You for loving me. I know I have failed You in many ways and I know that my sin keeps me apart
from You. I am truly sorry for the sins in my life. But I believe that You sent Your Son, Jesus, to die on the cross to pay for my sins. I choose to trust in what Jesus did for me on the cross to save me from my sin. Thank You for forgiving me. Help me to follow You for the rest of my life.

What Next?

If you just prayed that prayer and responded to the love of God, contact us and let us know, so we can celebrate with you. We would also like to get a Bible to you, if you do not have one already. We are here for you! We would consider it a privilege to help you grow in your relationship with Jesus Christ.

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We are a Bible-believing church located in the south Arlington. We would love to invite you to visit our PBC family. We have age group ministries, relevant worship, and service opportunities, we have something for everyone. Together, we hope to transform our world with the Gospel of Christ...one life at a time.

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