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Pleasantview Baptist Church understands how the pressures of a "24-7 society" can erode the emotional and spiritual stability of adults and families. We also understand that vast differences among adults from various generations. Here at PBC, we offer groups for all ages to help people connect, grow spiritually, and discover opportunities to serve. Regardless of your generation, we trust you'll find a place to connect.

Our group Bible Classes begin at 9:00 am and 10:30 am on Sunday mornings. When you arrive at PBC, you will be met and welcomed by our greeters. They can assist you in locating the place for you.

Single Adults

Our single adult ministry combines excellent Bible teaching and a heart for the Lord to create a ministry that is custom-made for today's single adult. Our goal is to connect you with the Lord and with other single adults. Single adults will find a place of rest, recreation, and revival in our Singles Ministry at PBC.

Our single adult ministry offers you a place to connect, fellowship, and grow in your walk with Christ.

More Info

Young Adult Class

College age student and young singles. This class currently includes young people from graduated high schoolers through those who are single in their 20’s. Their classroom has been designed with this age group in mind, and their teaching is appropriate for the stages of life that they are navigating.

Teacher: Bro. Austin McNeil
Location: Room 115

Newly Married

This class is designed for those who are in their first years of marriage and do not have children or have just begun to have children. This class is intended for our newly married couples to see that they are important to both the present and the future of the church, especially Pleasantview Baptist Church. There have been many newly married couples who have felt that once they leave the college ministry, there just isn’t a specific place for them. We do not want that to be the case at our church. We want to provide a place for newly married couples to grow together in their daily walk with the Lord, as well as in their daily walk through the challenges that are presented to them.

Teacher: Bro. Josh Yancy
Location: Room 113

Young Families

This class is designed for those who have children who are not yet in school, or perhaps just starting school. There will be some crossover as some families will have children both in school as well as too young to begin school. The vision for this class is for young families to grow and do life together. To put an estimated time frame on being in this class, it could perhaps be the first 10 to 15 years of marriage. If you are looking for a place to belong as you begin to raise your children, this class will help minister to your needs.

Teacher: Bro. Eddie Garcia
Location: Room 112

The F.I.T. Class (Families in Training)

This class is designed for individuals and families with children in school, whether it is elementary, middle school or high school. There will be some crossover once again as some families may have children of adult age, but also still have children who are in high school/middle school. If we were to put an estimated age range on this class, it could be anywhere from 30 to 45 or even up to 50 years of age, depending on the life stage situation with their children in the home.

Teacher: Bro. Joey Bacon
Location: Fellowship Hall

Solomon’s Porch

This class is designed for families who have children who are out of high school. It would also include active adults in an estimated age range of 45 – 65. As with the previous class, there could be a crossover with those who are ready to move up to a new class as they have a child, or more than one child of college age, but still have other children in high school/middle school. Members of this class are also likely to have adult children with families of their own.

Teacher: Bro. Lee Wallace
Location: Choir Room

The Friendship Class

Senior Adults who have achieved retirement age or Senior Adult age. This could be anywhere from age 60 and up. This class is led by Bro. J.B. Baldridge who has years of teaching and preparing lessons from God’s Word. They focus on consistent expositional teaching of the Bible in a very clear way.

Teacher: J.B. Baldridge
Location: Sanctuary

Women of Worth

This class will have a variety of ages and life stages, but the majority will be women who are 50 and above. Some ladies may be widowed or divorced and looking for fellowship with other ladies. There will be ladies who are married, but perhaps their husbands do not attend church. There will also be ladies who are married, their husbands attend church, but they are looking for a class that will be very specific to the needs of women.

Teacher: Susan Echols
Location: Room 109

Ladies Hug-a-Bunch

This class is designed for retired senior adult ladies. The class will be taught with the specific needs of senior adult women in mind. They have lunch together at the church on the third Thursday of the month. The teaching is in depth as to speak to the hearts of women who have likely been in church for many years.

Teacher: Sheila Nelson
Location: Room 117

Men’s Class

This class is designed for men who are typically beyond middle age. There will be men in the class whose wives attend another class, or maybe their wives do not attend church. This class is also set aside for men who are single and do not feel comfortable attending a class with couples. It is going to be taught with the specific needs of adult men in mind.

Teacher: Charlie Glass
Location: Conference Room

Our Bible classes are designed to help all ages to become contagious followers of Jesus Christ. We provide opportunities for all ages to connect and to grow spiritually. We hope that you will plan a visit.