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Tina Lopez

Children Director
Tina Lopez is from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She graduated from Arlington Baptist College in 1999 with a Bachelor Degree in General Studies, then later returned to get my Education Degree.
She has taught school in a christian school setting while serving in Children's Ministry part time for several years. While in ministry, the Lord has allowed me to work along side some of the most amazing people that has left lasting prints on her life. She has worked in Kids Ministry for over 20 years.
Tina was raised in a christian home, her parents still are tremendous examples for her to follow. Tina's Dad raised her with morales and principles that she still holds true today. Being brought up in church, Tina was introduced to the Lord at a young age. She received Jesus Christ as her Savior at the age of seven and was taught that He had great plans for me. The impact of great teachers in Tina's life gave her a passion to impact the live of others. Building relationships with children is important to her. When children know you love them, something happens inside of them. 
Our children's ministry goal is to equip every child with knowledge and desire to reflect Christ through their lives. We want our children to recognize that God wants to use them for His glory and purpose.

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