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Reset 2021

Pleasantview Baptist Church is excited about the theme for the year 2021. Our theme for 2021 is RESET. This year we will be challenge to "reset" to refocus your heart on Christ.

Last year, we made an effort to ELEVATE our relationship with the Lord by putting an emphasis on the Word of God, our Worldview as it pertains to Biblical principles, our Walk with the Lord in this present world, and our Witness to the those with whom we come in contact. We had great direction for the year. Then a virus caused a major disturbance throughout the entire world. We saw unrest in the streets of our cities followed by a vast divide in our politics. You would often hear people say, “I can’t wait until 2020 is OVER!”

It is over, and 2021 is here. Now it is time to regain our focus on what we are supposed to be doing in our relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and our service to Him. It is time for us to push the RESET button!

This year at Pleasantview Baptist Church, we want to move forward for Christ in such a way that it will impact individuals, families, cities, our country and our world. Making and maturing disciples for the Kingdom of God!

Join us each week with your Bible in hand, and with a desire in your heart to get your total life for Christ in clear focus. It is time for us to RESET to refocus our hearts on Christ in 2021! 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have. We hope that you will join us as we reset to refocus our hearts on what matters most!

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We are a Bible-believing church located in the south Arlington. We would love to invite you to visit our PBC family. We have age group ministries, relevant worship, and service opportunities, we have something for everyone. Together, we hope to transform our world with the Gospel of Christ...one life at a time.

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