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Vision 2020

Elevate 20

Pleasantview Baptist Church is excited about the theme for the year 2020. Our theme for 2020 is Elevate20. This year we will be challenge to "elevate" our relationship and spiritual walk with Christ. Each quarter of the year, we will be focusing on one particular topic that will be applied in a variety of ways.


This year, through January to March, we will focus on the Word of God. We will emphasize daily Bible reading as our church family participates in the daily devotional, Journey Through the New Testament." We will study Bibliology in our various Sunday School classes from Junior High School through our adult Bible classes. We will memorize as a church 2 Timothy 3:16-17. Our Pastor will keep this focus before us on a weekly basis.


Our world is filled with many philosophies. Biblical principles are being challenged like never before. It is our desire to show from God's Word exactly how He deals with worldview. Many issues we currently face will be covered in our morning Bible studies. Our Pastor will encourage and challenge us weekly. In a world that is constantly changing, it is vital to understand the Word of God which never changes.


How is your walk with the Lord? I am sure that everyone has multiple areas to improve. As a church, we will work together to make our walk with the Lord the best that it has ever been. We all struggle. We all make mistakes. As you engage in Bible study with us during this quarter, we trust that your walk with Christ will excel like never before no matter the circumstances that you will face.


Everything we have studied to this point in the year will help us as we reach out with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. We want to be involved in our community. We want to flourish in world missions. As a church, we must understand that our commission from Jesus Christ is to share the good news of salvation that is possible through trusting in Him alone. We will actively do this together, and we pray that we will have the opportunity to see many people come to Christ.

Would you join us in 2020? We would love for you to ELEVATE your life with Christ at Pleasantview Baptist Church!